Dclab, the World’s first decentralized
community management lab.

We are the leading community management team that
professionally helps clients build global Telegram communities,
activate community users, market public offering, and manage

Supported by team members in technical, financial, and
marketing backgrounds, we have built most successful
community campaigns with 3AM, 499 Block, DACC, Tron,
Scidex, and more to come.

Our Expertise

Our innovative decentralized community management team works closely with clients in three aspects as below

1, Build high-quality community user base rapidly

Telegram owns 200 million+ users and most high-value users in the cryptocurrency circle. We work closely with Telegram
global communities and target on fast user growth.

2,Automatically manage and analyze data, provide multiple bots and tracking tools

We provide clients with services including building multi-language communities, operating activities, customized AI bots and message filtering.
We build one-stop shop with all data analysis functions, including user data mining, active user analysis, retention analysis and regional insights.

3, Develop diversified global node partners to manage decentralized communities efficiently

With contribution from all the selected node partners, our communities develop in a fast pace engaging all forces in the ecosystem.
With lower costs and higher evolution pace, our communities expand in a self-manage way.

What We Offer

To achieve success of crowd fund raising

Strong communities are vital foundations of public raising rounds. Owning a highly active community grants you significantly higher chances of securing a successful

public offering round, which is the essential phase of your ICO.

Facts and data have shown strong indications that your crowd raising round are highly, directly correlated to your performance on exchanges. The more you raise, the more chances of growth you can expect on exchanges.

To improve performance on exchanges

Projects with sound crowd raising backgrounds are likely to get more supports from community members. A significant percentage of your token holders are from your communities, especially those on Telegram.

To build a long-term community base

Unlike other marketing products, the communities we build function as corner stones of the entire blockchain ecosystem. BTC, ETH, and EOS all indicate that, for a cryptocurrency, the strength of its community base determines the strength of its price during fluctuation.

Global Portfolio Projects

LOGOS: 3AM, DACC, 499 Block, Scidex, etc.

Each with a story and supporting data

Comments from founders around the world: ******

Just list some CEO images and their quotes on the website

Partner with Us

For business partnership opportunities, please contact us at:

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Professional management of social channels of any
crypto community is fundamentally critical,which leads
to a huge effect on the amount of fund you can raise
and the effectiveness of your community post-crowdfund.

Before we can make a proposal, we do strict due diligence.
We will require access to at least:

A whitepaper in English

A roadmap of the project

Background info on the team

Info on the advisory board.

We will also look at the project's Github or other code repo if applicable.

We will sign NDAs if needed.

We will evaluate the project's viability, product market fit as well as the chances of mainstream success.

The fees will charge will be based on these factors

Amount raised total (presale + main event)

Amount of tokens issued in total

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